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Welcome to Southside Sawdust. If you do not see what you are looking for please reach out via email @ or Instagram @southside.sawdust
Woodworking for Preschoolers


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Meet the Maker

Teresa is the maker behind Southside Sawdust. She has taken on the title of "Maker" with pride after years of making a little of everything and constantly wanting to learn how to make something new.

As the daughter of the ultimate "makers", she started her "maker" career opening a small business while home with her 2 children sewing and creating children's and women's boutique clothing. As a natural extension she included an embroidery service while working in preschool and kindergarten. After hanging up her sewing machine with a few years of being a full time educator, she dug through her father's scrap wood pile to fulfill an idea she had brewing. 

This is how the years of watching her father as a furniture maker and grandfather as a wood carver give life to her passion of woodworking.


Now she combines her love of working with wood and working with children as she teaches woodworking to kids from 4 years old and up. It truly is her hearts work as she gets to share something she loves with children and take on the role of Teacher. Go to the Blog page here to find out more about the woodworking program as well as how she can help your school get started.

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